Sales Development Pilots are individually tailored to the specific needs & goals of our clients through a in depth consultation and calibration process. 
- Accurate Prospects
- Embedded Sales Development Reps
- Tools and Technology
- Content Personalization
- Actionable Reporting & KPI’s
- Experienced Success Team

accurate prospects

At the foundation of each pilot is a dedicated lead researcher that works with your team and SDR to fuel your Pilot with approved prospects you want meetings with. 

Embedded Sales Development Reps

Once you approve your dedicated SDR, they become immersed in your companies solutions, sales process and culture.
Pilot SDR's represent your brand with the highest integrity & effectively position your
solutions to varying buyer personas.

In office

All Pilot SDRs work in our offices supported by Pilot’s infrastructure and team of sales experts.

Direct Communication

Communicate directly with your team through email, phone, chat, video 

Outbound & Inbound

Pilot SDR's can execute Outbound and Inbound  ensuring leads convert to opportunities

On-demand Sales Support

Your SDR is there to save you time and is eager to assist in sales support tasks.

8+ hours/day coverage

Speedy response times are vital to driving qualified sales meetings. Your SDR has you covered


SDR's engage prospects through approved cadence of email, phone & social media.


Modern sales relies on a suite of sales enablement and automation tools to drive efficiency, lower cost and improve ROI. We purchase all the necessary tools - lowering your technology costs & eliminating your exposure to lengthy contracts.

Content & Messaging Personalization

No email blasts!
No Generic Messaging!

Pilot understands the importance of getting the right message to the right person at the right time. We take a personalized approach in uniquely positioning your solution to varying decision makers.

Human-to-Human personalized approach       
Consultative US based Copy Writers 
Messaging personalized to Accounts & Personas
Created by us, Approved by you
Ongoing A/B Testing & Revisions for optimization

Actionable Reporting & KPI's

We’re addicted to KPIs and continually share and consult
with your team to improve lead-to-appointment & appointment-to-sale

Which subject lines are performing?
What content is eliciting positive responses?
What types of companies are converting?
Which buyer personas are converting?
Where are the bigger deals coming from?
Who’s closing quicker?

Experienced Success Team

Our team of growth hackers, strategic thinkers and sales experts understand that your Pilot is entirely  judged on its return on investment. Our no-contract approach ensures that we work tirelessly to optimize your pilot, drive sales qualified leads and ensure you close more deals.

Committed to


All leads, data and work product is owned by you.


We see ourselves as your partner and thus are fully transparent sharing our processes, tools and strategies.


Pilot’s No-Contract approach ensures we continually work to earn your business and deliver a measurable return on your investment.

Is Pilot right for you?

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