Get more Bang for Buck out of your Sales Team

Talented Sales Pro’s are expensive and thus should be 100% focused on nurturing sales vs creating  new opportunities. Yet the average sales person spends 60% of their time on pre-sales related tasks like prospecting and cold calling. Let Pilot handle the top-of the funnel while you focus closing opportunities down stream.

Pilot Sales Development 
vs In-house

Hiring, training and managing a team of sales development reps is expensive, time intensive and comes with unique challenges.  Pilot clients leverage our expertise, lower cost of labor and suite of sales enablement tools to drastically lower customer acquisition cost & increase ROI.

What to Expect?

Pilot Outbound Campaigns deliver more than just a steady stream of qualified sales opportunities ensuring a measurable return on your sales development investment

Increased Website Traffic
Increased inbound leads 
Prospect education and awareness 
Prospect feedback for improved positioning 
Speed to Market

Happy Sales Reps
Proof of concept testing
Lower Tech costs
 INCREASED Word of Mouth/Referrals  
Lowered Scaling Risk
Strategy validation & much more

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