Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Pilot Campaigns are customized to its clients and thus follow a detailed onboarding process to ensure we are in sync with your needs and goals. Onboarding generally takes 7-10 days and is completed prior to your service start date.




 Review Goals, Logistical Items and action items for on-boarding.
You and your Pilot team communicate daily as we work though the on-boarding action items.
 Your Pilot launches on its scheduled service start date and outreach begins.

Onboarding Checklist


- Set up of weekly review Calls
- Knowledge Transfer
- Introduction to Success Team
- Set up of Private Slack Channel
- Set up of review calls
- Set up of Tools & Tech
- Strategy Brainstorming
- Domain Health Testing
- Email Deliverability Testing
- Points of Contact
- Goal & milestone setting


- ICP refinement & calibration
- Lead Prioritization
- Confirm Prospect Segmentation
- Do-Not-Contact List Review
- Confirm File Formatting
- Confirm lead delivery Schedule
- CRM integrations (optional)
- Introductions to your Researcher
- Confirm Personas for KPI tagging
-Approval of 1st lead batch

Sales Development

- Content & Messaging Creation
- Touchpoint Strategy
- Outreach Strategy
- A/B Testing Strategy
- SDR Intro and Approval
- SDR Training and Certification
- Email & Calendar Set-up
- CRM Integrations (optional)
- Content & Messaging Approval
- Reporting and Feedback Process

What Else?
Want to learn more about the details of our onboarding? Contact our team and an onboarding coordinator will be more than happy to answer all your questions and identify unique aspects that may play a role in the onboarding of your sales development Pilot.