"The rapid evolution in sales development strategies, technologies utilized and journeys buyers take before arriving at a decision has been breathtaking... Successful teams no longer sell the customer and instead focus on creating an engaging journey that ends with the customer choosing to buy."
Ian Bloembergen, Founder

Yet 68% of teams are not adapting fast enough; limited by their understanding, access to technology or the manpower to execute. Pilot was conceived by a passionate group of entrepreneurs, sales hackers and tech geeks who wanted to assist teams as they make the transition into this new sales landscape.

 Whether you are looking for custom leads to fuel the funnel, talented sales development reps that execute or are simply looking for a one-stop partner to handle your entire sales development department, Pilot is ready to be your sales acceleration partner.

Our Vision

Changing the world and global domination are not what we see in our cards. Our vision is a simple one of building long lasting fruitful relationships with our clients, employees and partners while adding our two cents to the evolution of sales and sales development.

Our Culture

We are all students, we are all teachers. Pilot’s culture has its foundation in the belief that we all still have much to learn and that we have knowledge to share that can to enrich the lives of others. We pride ourselves on being a globally diverse company connecting individuals, companies and experiences to ensure continued personal development and enrich lives and drive personal development.










Ian Bloembergen

Founder and Chief Pilot

Oleg Nazarok

Co-founder and CEO

Alex Voloshyn

Co-founder and CTO

Alex Rusu